Apple iOS 13.3 Problems, Bugs, Issues: How to Solve The Issues and Fix the Update?

Apple iOS 13.3 Problems, Bugs, Issues How to Solve The Issues and Fix the Update

Apple iOS 13.3 update is out to fix the issues but instead, it has plagued iPhone users with a new set of problems. iOS 13.3 is a major update that brings new patches, features and several enhancements for fixing the bug issues of iOS 13 users. Apple has already released eight set of updates for iOS 13 and it includes iOS 13.1, iOS 13.1.1, iOS 13.1.2, iOS 13.1.3, iOS 13.2, iOS 13.2.2, iOS 13.2.3 and iOS 13.3 is the latest in line.

But even after the update, a lot of Apple users complaining about bugs, performance issues and other problems after installing the latest iOS 13.3 firmware. Here are the most common problems, bugs and issues faced by Apple iOS 13.3 users and ways to fix the update and downgrade to a lower iOS possibility.

Apple iOS 13.3 Problems, Bugs, and Issues

Apple iOS 13.3 Problems, Bugs, and Issues

The first and biggest problem regarding the Apple iOS 13.3 update is that some of the iPhone users can’t even install the update and their device gets stuck in the process. There are large complaints about UI lag, Touch and Face ID issues, abnormal battery drain, application problems, AirPlay and CarPlay issues, connectivity problems in WiFi and Bluetooth.

It just doesn’t end here, iOS 13.3 has problems even in iMessage, Homepod, Screen Time iOS 13 feature), Exchange and other issues. Apple iPhone users have complained about their device freezing, crashing and getting locked up after installing iOS 13.3 updates.

How to Fix Apple iOS 13.3 Problems and Fix the Update?

Apple iOS 13.3 installation issue can be solved by hard resetting the iPhone and restarting the download process. It is also recommended to find feedback on Apple forums and discussions, official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram of Apple Support handles. Most of the bugs and issues in iOS 13.3 can be fixed by simple steps and rebooting your iPhone.

Apple website and Support forum are active on Twitter, one can ask them for help. If nothing works, take your iPhone to a Genius in the local Apple store. As for the downgrade to iOS 13.2.3, Apple has stopped that update and you can’t go back from iOS 13.3 to the previous versions.

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