Apple iOS 14 Update Will be Bug Free, New Development Technique for Testing in Works

Apple iOS 14 Will be Bugs Free, New Development Technique for Testing in Works

Apple iOS 14 could be the game change operating system for Apple as developers are ordered to make it perfect without any bugs or errors. As per the recent reports from Bloomberg, Apple is working on a new method through which the iOS devs can test any new features before releasing any major updates.

The reason why Apple has learned this lesson is because iOS 13 had so many features and apps that were unfinished, full of bugs and were causing the system to crash abruptly. It is why Apple is now working on a new process that would rectify all the previous problems and iOS 14 won’t have any bugs or errors.

New Development Technique for iOS 14

New Development Technique for iOS 14

Apple is working on an iOS development system technique where the unfinished features will be disabled by default system. It will make sure that the test build of the Apple iPhone operating system will work without any error or problems.

After implementing the method, Apple will have a long and productive testing period between the releases of different builds. The change in the development process will also be applicable for the future releases of watchOS, macOS, iPadOS, and tvOS.

Apple iOS 14 Will be Perfect and Bugs Free

Apple iOS 14 Release Date and New Features

As per the insider reports, daily builds are like a recipe made by multiple cooks, who have added different ingredients into the mix. The Testers will go on for days without a single usable build, it means they don’t handle what is working and what is not working.

Apple iOS 13 was released in September this year and the first version which came out with the iPhone 11 was full of bugs, crashes, and glitches. The reason was simple, the developers were adding new features without any kind of testing. But the same won’t happen with the upcoming 2020 Apple iOS 14 which may release along with the upcoming Apple iPhone 12.

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