Apple iPhone 12 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: 3D Camera, Bigger Battery and 5G Network

Apple iPhone 12 Release Date, Specs, Rumors 3D Camera, Bigger Battery and 5G Network

Apple iPhone 12 is coming this year with all sorts of upgrades including major camera boosts and 5G network support. It is reported that the upcoming iPhone 12 series will also sport a bigger battery, 3D cameras and other cool updates. The Cupertino based tech giant is planning to take out the competition and release one of the best iPhones in the market.

There are also chances that the iPhone 12 launch date might get delayed if the Coronavirus threat is not under control soon. Here is more information on the Apple iPhone 12 release date, specs, features, cameras, and impact of coronavirus outbreak on the launch event.

Apple iPhone 12 Specs and Features Rumors: Two 3D Cameras and Battery Upgrade

Apple iPhone 12 Specs and Features Rumors Two 3D Cameras and Battery Upgrade

Apple iPhone 12 series could have major upgrades in the camera department as the Cupertino based company is introducing a 64MP rear lens with the new device. It will be the biggest leap for Apple as the current best model, iPhone 11 Pro only has 12MP cameras so far.

As per the latest sources, Apple iPhone 12 will sport a 3D depth rear camera with laser and sensor functions. It will allow the camera to detect the distance between the device and real-life objects to support the augmented reality features. Since the front camera will already have 3D senor to support the Face ID, iPhone 12 is said to have two 3D cameras on it.

Apple has heard a lot of complaints about battery life in previous iPhones and it plans to increase the battery life of the iPhone 12 by 10 percent, making the battery capacity as 4,400 mAh. Samsung recently introduced 120 Hz display with Galaxy S20, Apple might also do with OLED displays in iPhone 12 and it would need a bigger battery in the future. It is also almost confirmed that Apple iPhone 12 will support the 5G network with high-speed internet.

Apple iPhone 12 Release Date and Coronavirus Impact

Apple iPhone 12 Release Date and Coronavirus Impact 

Apple iPhone 12 release date is originally set as September 2020 where the new device will be launched alongside other products at the company’s annual event. But the recent Coronavirus outbreak has impacted everything and there are reports that production for iPhone 12 and even iPhone SE 2 has been halted.

Apple has not given any hints on the delay in launch and recently WWDC 2020 event has been changed to an online event. If the coronavirus epidemic is not contained in the next few weeks, the iPhone 12 release will surely be delayed.

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