Apple iPhone 13 Concept Video: Wraparound Displays and No Side Buttons on the Future iPhone

Apple iPhone 13 Concept Video- Wraparound Displays and No Side Buttons on the Future iPhone

Apple iPhone 13 concept video shows that the future device will have a wraparound display with no side buttons. Even though Apple has not revealed how the iPhone 12 actually looks, designers are quick to imagine concept arts based on their imagination.

The upcoming iPhone models are termed as iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, where they both look amazing in the concept video. The display in both the devices spills over to the sides, where the Pro model display reaches all the way to the back. Here are more details on the iPhone 13 display features based on the concept video of the future iPhone model.

iPhone 13 Concept shows Wraparound Display

iPhone 13 Concept shows Wraparound Display

The concept video shows that iPhone 13 looks mostly similar to the iPhone 12 models except for the edge features and related details. Also, there are no physical side buttons or ports in the iPhone 13 concept art. It only has speaker and microphone grilles in the body and apart from that the whole side of the iPhone runs smoothly without any buttons or holes.

There is no physical volume rocker, side button and Mute switch as the iPhone 13 replaces them with touch-sensitive controls. To make it more futuristic, the iPhone 13 side display shows several app icons that can be used to easily access any of the apps or features.

iPhone 13 Pro Features and Specs

iPhone 13 Pro Features and Specs

The concept video also shows iPhone 13 Pro model has a curved edge display wrapping around the back. Whereas the rear cameras are at the center of the back above the Apple logo, making the iPhone 13 Pro different from other iPhones. It also doesn’t have any physical side buttons and is fully waterproof along with features such as wireless charging.

Even though the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 models look stunning, it should be noted that they are just concept arts. Apple could easily change the iPhone 13 series design when the device enters into production. Although, we agree that the concept art for iPhone 13 is amazing and fans would if it turns out to be real.

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