Apple iPhone 13 Rumors: Entirely Wireless Models and Other Features Revealed about Future iPhones

Apple iPhone 13 Rumors Entirely Wireless Models and Other Features Revealed about Future iPhones

Apple iPhone 13 has still time to release but the research and development process is already started and new reports about the 2021 iPhone are coming out. One of the popular sources who has predicted accurate information about Apple products in the past has revealed that Apple plans to ditch all the cables in 2021 when it releases the iPhone 13.

The plan is to make the most expensive model of 2021 line-up totally wireless and even the cable connecting the electric port adapter to wireless chargers will also be removed. Apple is aware of the upcoming competition in the market and it attempts to stay ahead as every flagship device is trying to achieve the same.

iPhone 13 Will be Totally Wireless

iPhone 13 Will be Totally Wireless

Apple has bee offering three variants of their iPhones since the last few years and it includes a standard variant, a cheaper model, and one large and expensive device having a bigger battery and screen. The rumors are about the 2021 iPhone model which is right now called Apple iPhone 13. Apple has already introduced AirPower which can wirelessly charge its iPhone and also provide Reverse charging.

But they plan to go even higher, as the next iPhone can even ditch the AirPower wires and make it totally wires. It means there will no wire in iPhone 13, neither the charging one or the earphone one as it won’t have the headphone jack and support the Apple AirPods only.

Apple iPhone SE 2 and Market Competition

Apple iPhone SE 2 and Market Competition

Apple also plans to release the refreshed version of the 2016 iPhone SE next year and it will be called iPhone SE 2 and the design will be based on the original iPhone 8. It doesn’t end there, as a higher variant of the affordable iPhone known as iPhone SE 2 Plus will be released in 2021 and have a full-body design. Apple is not only catering to the high-end luxury flagship devices, but it also wants to conquer the market of affordable smartphones.

While some of the users didn’t like Apple dropping the headphones jack at first, they have now accepted it and AirPods are the most successful wireless earbuds now. The same will happen when the Cupertino based tech giant drops the lighting port and becomes the first smartphone making company to go entirely wireless.

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