Apple Prime Service Release Date and Everything You Need to Know about the iPhone Subscription Plan

Apple Prime Details

Apple has been constantly coming out with new things to stay relevant and become the top brand. With the recent release of iPhone 11, upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service and other products, they have once again made their mark in the tech world. The latest buzz is that Apple could come up with a prime service model, which could offer a subscription basis to buy the costly iPhones and make payment in installment over the year.

Tim Cook has said many times that they are trying to assimilate the payment gateway and make it easier for the users. Similar to Amazon Prime service which offers prime video streaming and one-day delivery, Apple is also planning to launch something related to iPhones and Apple TV+. Here is everything you need to know about the Apple Prime subscription service.

Apple Prime Subscription: How does it Works?

How will Apple Prime Work

Apple Prime service plans to bundle the hardware upgrades, extra iCloud storage, Apple TV+ and other such services under a single monthly fee. The plan is to offer every Apple service under one roof so that more users can have an active subscription without the hassle of paying and managing multiple services.

It may also include sales of upcoming iPhones and Apple Prime customers may get early access at discounted rates to encourage the service. The prime service would also include AppleCare warranty and there have been also planning to exchange the old iPhones and get a price reduction on the newer models based on the value.

Release Date and Features of Apple Prime

Release Date and Features of Apple Prime

Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are doing great and despite their high prices, their sale volumes have increased a lot. Tim Cook says that the high price of iPhones is justified as they have introduced wide-angle cameras, increased battery life, night mode, and a slow-motion selfie called as slofie.

There have been also plan to integrate the Apple prime service with the Apple card, the credit card service which can be used to pay for major Apple products over 24 months without any interest and a 3 percent cash back. It is highly possible that Apple’s prime subscription service could be launched in September 2020 along with the iPhone 12 being offered on the same.

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