Apple releases WatchOS 6 with new exciting features!

Apple releases Watch OS 6 with new exciting features!

Last week, we heard that IOS 13 is coming with new features at WWDC in the coming month. This is not the only update announced at the event. Some new features are also coming to the Apple watches with WatchOS 6.

The new look will be soon unveiled in a few weeks at Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple is not going to offer public Betas to WatchOS. However, everyone is going to give watchOS a try when it is releasing in September to the public.

Apple releases Watch OS 6 with new exciting features!

The Apple watch will get some amazing updates

The Watch OS 6 features

The new watch face is one of the changes in watchOS. Apart from this many new options are going to be included. The new gradient Face will allow the users to select the colours based on that, the gradient coloured watch will appear.

There is this one design, “California” that mixes Arabic numerals with Roman numerals to make watch face design look more classic.

Apple releases Watch OS 6 with new exciting features!

The users will also get a new Apple store app

Some new complications will also be included like the battery life of hearing aids, ones for audiobook playback rain data, and external noise measure. These features will come to both watchOS and macOS 10.15.

Watch owners will then be able to authenticate other different operations on the Mac more than just simple unlocks. A new App Store app will be in the Apple watch and users can access that app directly.

Bloomberg has reported that watchOS will also feature some other new applications like a book app maybe, which could be more or less like a podcast app.

Apple releases Watch OS 6 with new exciting features!

Users can download audiobooks and can directly listen from their watch. Other applications can include a menstrual cycle tracking app (“Cycle”), an app that manages pills dose (“Dose”), a voice Memos app and last but not least a calculator app.

Apple watch will also support Memoji and Animoji. Apple is targeting to release a sleep tracking app soon in 2020.
These are very few features about the upcoming Apple WatchOS 6, there are still lots of other possibilities.

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