Apple to kill iTunes after WWDC: Here’s why

Apple to kill iTunes after WWDC: Here's why

The long-anticipated move for Apple to kill iTunes is finally coming. A Bloomberg report said that the tech giant will announce the shutdown of the revolutionary music at WWDC 2019 event next week.

Apple to kill iTunes: What to blame

Apple to kill iTunes after WWDC: Here's why

The killing of the music app which ushered the mp3 era of music more than 20 years ago has been rumoured for years as subscription-based streaming services have overtaken music downloads.

A 2018 year-end report by RIAA showed that streaming services account for three-fourths of the U.S. music industry.

iTunes was first released during the 2001 Macworld Expo to offer a solution to an industry facing piracy issues. It has since then become a one-stop shop for downloading TV programs, movies and music.

Apple, however, is reportedly dividing these various media into three new apps that will replace iTunes. They are Podcasts, TV, and music. The move coincides with Apple’s next OS update, 10.15.

The tech giant has already decentralized media on both iPhones and iPads to offer the three apps. It is now a matter of migrating MacBooks and Macs. The objective is to make the Mac desktop experience closer to the one that Apple already uses for iPads and iPhones.

Rolling Stone’s Amy X. Wang explained that by segregating the platforms, the company proves itself as a ‘multifaceted entertainment services provider’  and not as a hardware company that only sells entertainment via one of its several apps.

The future of iTunes

iTunes is said to keep some of its main features like phone syncing and song purchases. Apple believes that the termination of the music app that started a music revolution also presents an opportunity for the company to enhance the functionalities of iTunes.

There are also reports that other apps, such as the long-ignored Mail app, are due for an upgrade at the developer’s conference too.

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