Apple TV Plus vs Disney Plus vs Netflix: Who Will Win the Streaming War?

Apple TV Plus vs Disney Plus vs Netflix

Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus have entered the streaming service market this month and it will change the fate of the whole cord-cutting scenario. Netflix was the biggest video streaming service until the top companies decided to invest in the platform.

NBC’s Peacock and Warner Bros’ HBO Max are some of the new services which will also arrive soon. The competition has increased so much and it raises an important question, that who will survive and who will win the streaming service war?

Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus are Side Services

Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus are Side Services

Apple TV Plus has only a few profile shows starring some big names such as Jennifer Aniston, Jason Momoa, Oprah Winfrey and others. Their library is very small and they are not airing shows from other networks. It just costs $4.99 per month for subscribing to Apple TV+ proving that it more of a side service to be added for the people who like high-quality streams from Apple.

Even Disney Plus costs just $6.99 per month as compared to $13 per month from Netflix and have mostly kid-friendly movies and shows. No matter how popular Disney plus becomes, their main audience will always be Marvel, Disney princess movies and Star Wars fans.

Netflix Have an International Reach

Netflix Have an International Reach

Netflix is producing more and more original shows and has a library of 5000+ shows already. While Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus cater to the US audience, Netflix is ruling the entire world. Netflix has an international fanbase and every six out of seven subscribers live outside the US, which is why they have been investing in the local language content.

While a few shows such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Altered Carbon are popular all over the world, Netflix is mostly running because it offers regional shows to the local audience. Brazil, France, India and others offers the largest revenue to Netflix.

Which Streaming Service Will Win?

Which Streaming Service Will Win

The streaming service war has become tougher with increased competition and very soon the bubble will burst. Not every one of them will survive, as it all depends on user preference and their taste. Apple TV plus, Disney plus and Netflix will continue to fight with each other without having a clear winner. But the service which offers the best shows and listens to fans will always stay on the top.

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