Apple Watch 2019 Purchase Guide: Comparison of Version, Model, Size, Material, Connectivity and More

Apple Watch 2019 Purchase Guide Comparison of Version, Model, Size, Material, Connectivity and More

Apple Watch series are ruling the 2019 smartwatch market, but there are so many variants and models, it makes a user confused about which one to purchase. Further, there are additional factors such as size, material, connectivity, special edition and so on, it is hard to pick a single Apple Watch out of all the versions. It is why we have provided an Apple Watch 2019 purchase guide and a comparison of all the features, so you can select the best iWatch as per your preference.

Apple Watch 2019 Purchase Guide

Apple Watch Comparison

Apple Watch 5 is the latest model that one should buy in 2019 and it also has an LTE variant, along with a special Nike+ edition or Hermes edition. The Aluminium Apple Watch is a very smart option as the material is cheaper, lighter and more resistant to scratches.

Also, if you always carry your iPhone with you, there is no need to pay an additional $100 for the LTE version. Here is the basic comparison of Apple Watch based on the features which will help you decide to choose your perfect smartwatch.

Model and Material

Apple Watch Variants

For those who want a big screen, always-on Retina Display, ECG, fall detection, better speakers, etc, Apple Watch 5 is the perfect product for you. Even Apple Watch 3 is great if you don’t want to spend the extra money and require basic features and software support.

The aluminum Apple Watch is value for money as it doesn’t break easily and remains tough and durable. While the stainless steel Watch can upgrade your look, the Titanium or Ceramic Apple Watch can be used for flexing and is much lighter.

Size and Connectivity

Apple Watch Connectivity

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes in 38mm and 42mm and Series 5 comes in 40mm and 44 mm. It all depends on your wrist size and how much comfortable are you wearing longer size models. While there is not much difference in sizes, it is mainly given as a user preference and male-female choice.

As for the GPS of LTE connectivity, if you are careful and always have your iPhone with you, the GPS Apple Watch is enough for you. For those who have a habit of forgetting their phones, GPS+LTE Apple Watch is a life savior.

Special Edition and Apple Care+

Apple Watch 2019 Purchase Guide

The special edition Apple Watches are basically the same as regular apart from a different band and an extra watch face. The Nike+ Apple Watch comes up with a special band and an exclusive watch face and The Hermes Apple Watch includes special watch faces and a good range of high-end fashionable bands.

AppleCare+ for the Apple Watch Series 3 costs $49 and for Series 5 it costs $79. For those who have very rough usage and are worried about their watch, you can have an extended warranty. It also depends on the repair cost and there is a $2.49 a month offer on purchase of AppleCare+ service from Apple official store or site.

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