Apple WatchOS 7 will help to save you from COVID-19 by Washing Hands Reminder


Apple made an announcement in the Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 (WWDC). The company revealed one of the most important strategic moves taken in the last decade. The major market commentators have acknowledged this decision by Apple as an inspiring one. Some of the key announcements included Apple revealing details of the watchOS-7. This new OS will consist of a handwashing detection feature which is inspired by the ongoing pandemic. Apple also revealed its plans to bring an end to its reliance on Intel for its Mac processing chips.

While Apple claims to be an innovator, the critics point out that all their major innovations in the last decade have been incremental. People have been calling for Apple to launch an entirely new category. It is getting increasingly difficult to differentiate between Apple and Samsung products.

Can we hope to see something truly market-changing innovation from Apple?

the latest update from Apple is a sign that the company is trying to get back to being the “business model innovator”. This is a description of how a business will create then deliver and, in the end, capture the value by its activities.

Apple has indeed changed the music industry with Apple Music and has also created a community of independent people who provide apps with its App Store.

A PRO-hygiene smartwatch

As we all know about the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is increasingly essential that we take all the required precautionary measures in order to stay healthy. In a bid to assist the health of the people, Apple’s latest watchOS-7 will come with an automatic handwashing detector.

The microphone, motion sensors, and machine learning will detect whenever the person is washing their hands. As soon as the watch detects that a person is washing their hands, it will start a 20-second timer.

The journey of the customer will begin as soon as the user gets home. The Apple watch will remind the user to wash their hands. The watch will also keep track of any stops a user makes. This will in turn create a reliable relationship between the user and the watch. This function is focused on improving the hygiene as well as taking preventative measures for the user during this pandemic. Apple will release watchOS-7 later this year.

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