Apple’s Next iPhone to be the Ideal Smartphone, Secret Development in Works

Apple's Next iPhone to be the Ideal Smartphone, Secret Development in Works

Apple releases a new iPhone every year but rarely anything bigger is changed and it is mostly minor tweaks over the previous models. But when we try to compare the latest iPhone with the first-ever iPhone released, it seems that Apple is working to develop a perfect smartphone.

The last major design change was done for the iPhone X which has been the base model for iPhone XS and iPhone 11.

There are rumors that the 2020 iPhone 12 would have a design similar to iPhone 4 and users will be once again getting the smaller and perfect screen iPhone. It has lead to speculation that Apple has been secretly developing an ideal iPhone with the recent patent discovery.

Need for Perfect iPhone from Apple

The Perfect iPhone from Apple

Apple never wanted to make the design for iPhone X but they had to compromise due to the increased market competition. It had the best screen to body ratio without losing the front camera and have a 3D face recognition system knows as Face ID. The reason Apple had to change their plans was that their rivals coming up with the latest innovations like hole-punch displays, slide-up cameras, and rear-facing secondary screens.

The main aim of every smartphone making company is to make an all-screen phone with no bezels, no sensor or camera holes. Since Oppo has made an under-display camera and Huawei has come up with Waterfall display screen, it is the turn of Apple to make the perfect and ideal iPhone.

Future Plans for Apple iPhone

Future Plans for Apple iPhone

Apple generally never announces tech that is new in the market and takes its time to make it perfect before implementing it in their iPhones. But the AirPower wireless charger is a hint that Apple is working on something new. Further, there have been patents registered by Apple which suggests an iPhone with the wraparound display.

2020 Apple iPhone 12 might not use that design but the next model could be the perfect iPhone with an all-screen display, smaller Face ID notch and no bezels. It doesn’t confirm that Apple will release that soon, but we now know that they are working on their ultimate iPhone.

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