Apple’s PowerBeats Pro vs Apple’s Airpods, Which is better?


The Apple-Beats PowerBeats Pro is one of the best earphones of Apple. Apple’s AirPods are no doubt amongst the best in the stack of wireless earbuds but the Power Beats Pro has become a serious competition to them. With the presence of Apple’s Power Beats Pro, the iPhone users can now have two options in the wireless earphone series to chose from. The only fact that one could choose AirPods over Power Beats Pro is the price. This is because Apple’s Power Beats Pro costs $249 while AirPods costs $159.

AirPods Vs PowerBeats Pro

Apple’s AirPods can simply enter into your ears and stay. On the other hand, Power Beats Pro provides a rubberized supporting arm that wraps around one’s ear making it more secure to stay and ensure that they don’t fall.

Apple's PowerBeats Pro vs Apple's Airpods, Which is better?

Apple’s PowerBeats Pro

For some of the users of AirPods using an AirPod is somehow a bit difficult because of it’s the size. One might end up losing a piece while running or walking. However, the chances of falling off the AirPods is less.

Another amazing feature of the PowerBeats Pro is that it has volume rockers on both the earpieces. This will help the users to adjust the volume settings with any hand they want. Also Power Beats Pro are light-weighted so it becomes easy to carry.

Apple's PowerBeats Pro vs Apple's Airpods, Which is better?

Apple’s AirPods

The sound quality of Apple’s Power Beats Pro is also appreciable. With deeper bass, the earphone gives a whole new music listening experience to the users.

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