Ardent Fans Hellbent on 3D-Printing a Lamborghini Aventador


Lamborghini Aventador launched more than 8 years ago, remains a head-turner. All thanks to the wild styling! Sterling Backus, an ardent fan along with his son determined to 3D-print it in their free time. They have continued working on it for approximately a year and a half about one hour every day, and so far they have invested $20,000 to the AXAS Interceptor to bring it to life.

The Inception of 3D Printing Lamborghini Aventador

The complete plan of the 3D-printing of an Aventador in their garage originated from the video games. Sterling’s son questioned him while playing the Forza Horizon 3 with him if they could create the car.

The entire body along with the transaxle, chassis, engine, and also some other structural components, were all designed with a 3D printer and 220 reels of thermoplastics. The taillights, air vents, headlights, and other interior components are all done by 3D printing. Mostly encapsulated into carbon fiber or carbon fiber Kevlar.

The Inception of 3D Printing Lamborghini Aventador

The Blueprint to the 3D model

Speaking about the engine, it won’t have a normal 6.5-liter V12 just as the actual Aventador. It is quite expensive to purchase and very hard to get. Hence, a 5.7-liter LS1 is sourced from a Chevy Corvette, 2003 and is fitted in with a couple of turbochargers. This will give power to the homemade Interceptor. The 996 generation Porsche 911 sourced the transaxle.The Blueprint to the 3D model of Lambhorgini Aventador

He constructed the Chasis from scratch. He used a cantilever coil-over suspension system. The other parts of the pieces and bits were obtained from a real Lamborghini. And an Audi sourced the OEM components which included the doors, windows, the side mirror glass, the wiper arms, the rearview mirror, including a steering wheel, also few switches.

Backus said to the Australian magazine Which Car and we quote,

We have a long way to go in finishing the car. We had ups and downs, but the journey has been a ton of fun!

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