Ariana Grande opens up on Mac Miller and her breakup with Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande's Revelations on Mac Miller and her breakup with Pete Davidson

You only gain something, after loosing a part of yours in the process. Life of Ariana Grande apparently moves around the same lines. It seems that, she has seen everything at this age of 26. From never-ending regrets, ceaseless mourns of her beloved death and a PTSD, from a rare terror attack, the past years have been very harsh to Ariana Grande.

Although, Ariana Grande has never glorified her heartbreaks and agonizing pain. But her traumas have shadowed her brutally for months. It was just one year before, her life seemed to be pretty happy. She had a loving boyfriend, an uplifting career and a joyous relationship with her fans. But her life turned upside down after a series of tragic events.

Here’s how Ariana Grande gets candid on Mac Miller, her former fiance, Peter Davidson and how she dealt with her PTSD. Here are some excerpts from Grande’s recent interview to Vogue.

Ariana Grande life following Miller’s death

Max Miller’s death from drug overdose had shocked the entire nation. But the news had the most upon her ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande's Revelations on Mac Miller and her breakup with Pete Davidson

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Miller’s sudden demise and the terror attack during her Manchester concert pushed her towards PTSD and depression. Anxieties crippled her insides with terror and sufferings.

 I constantly researched PTSD and healing measures to overcome it. I talked to therapists and did everything to come out of my severities. Whilst everyone was like “it’s so usual to happen, you need a routine and you’ll be fine.” I accepted everything they say and went on to tour my next concert without thinking about my wounds any further.
You get to know the impact of a person only, once they are gone forever from your life. Ariana Grande has missed Max badly, throughout her performances. Ariana Grande faintly wailed while remembering Max on the interview.

Ariana’s was under constant criticism after her Coachella concert in April. But, she was happy to arrange her concert at Max’s birthplace, where they cherished some of the good times together. Her performance at Coachella subtly reminded her of Max, but in a good way.
It’s always hard to sing songs that talks about your afresh wounds. It’s fun, it’s pop music, and I never tried to make it sound like something else, but these songs really felt like a heavy shit to me.

Ariana and her struggles to cope up with her life

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August cover star @arianagrande is one of the world’s biggest pop stars, and through her soul-bearing music, often lets us all in on her emotions, her thoughts, and her relationships. Her new cover video featuring “In My Head,” one of the most revealing, intimate songs from her February release Thank U, Next, takes this confessional tendency literally, as Grande dances, shoulder-pops, poses, and struts around inside the white room of her own mind. Tap the link in our bio to watch the full video. Director @bardiazeinali Fashion Editor @jordenbickham Director of Photography @kellyjeffrey Hair @thejoshliu Makeup @chinchilla Production Design @laurennikrooz Producer, @NorthSixproductions @yiauekitalki Video Editor @instagrahamsam, VFX @the_frender VFX Supervisor @maxcoltt Colorist @timmasick @company_3 Music “In My Head” by @arianagrande Movement @iamskot @brilovelife Title Design @duzansky Hair Extensions provided by @iloveindique, @insertnamehere Special Thanks to @metpostny Filmed at @pier59studios

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It was only in November 2018, post Miller’s death and her split from Davidson, when Ariana Grande realized she couldn’t go more without help.
I’m still figuring out why this all has only happened to me. I don’t even know what to say about my own self now. I see myself as this perfect entertainer, who’s great at her job, on stages. But whenever such thing crosses my way, I go numb and just can’t figure out where to go next.
It’s difficult to be a star, an inspiration for a million followers while trying to fix all your broken pieces together. Ariana Grande indeed, acted as if she’s the luckiest of all.

It was her job, her fate to put a smile on her fact and act like everything’s going good. But do we always have to pretend and put our masks and smile, and just let it hurt us.
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