Armored Mewtwo gets a position in legendary raids of Pokemon GO

Armored Mewtwo gets a position in legendary raids of Pokemon GO

The augmented reality game Pokemon Go released its new legendary Armored Mewtwo. This legendary Pokemon GO will be available for a limited time during the summer. And this can be used to battle for the new version from July 10 to July 31. Other legendary Pokemon like Groudon and Kyogre, this new Armored Mewtwo falls in the five-star raids. Therefore, it’s recommended to carry a team of trainers if so you need to take down the Pokemon.

Armored Mewtwo – counters and weakness in Pokemon Go

The legendary Armored Mewtwo will be available for battle in the legendary raids. However, once a player defeats the Pokemon, it is required to catch it. Therefore, it is required to make a collection of golden raspberries and an expert hand to throw balls. For now, the Pokemon GO will carry the stats of a normal Pokemon.

  • Type: Psychic
  • Weakness: Dark, Bug and Ghost
  • Counters: Hounchkrow, Houndoom, Tyranitar and Weavile
  • It specializes in dark attacks along with Psychic attacks.
Armored Mewtwo gets a position in legendary raids of Pokemon GO

The Pokemon is having a legendary raid with 49,130 CP
Credits: Pokemon Go Hub

Everything from its stats to its origin

The Pokemon GO will hold 49, 430 CP according to the trailer launched by Niantic. However, it isn’t the real CP discussions are still on its way. A user from Reddit, explained the CP need to move because of an increase in HP from 12, 500 to 15,000.

Therefore, the CP need to increase up to 54,148 CP as per theory progressed. Hence, it’s a chance that a new trailer is released for an increase in CP for Armored Mewtwo.

I think I know why Armored Mewtwo has 49430 CP in the trailer instead of the 54148 CP it should have from TheSilphRoad

Armored Mewtwo appeared initially in the movie as Mewtwo strikes back. Mewtwo first created by a group of scientist who was funded by Team Rocket. And it is a clone of a legendary Pokemon known as Mew. Later Mewtwo kills the scientists for being produced as a part of the project but not for the sentiment.

Armored Mewtwo gets a position in legendary raids of Pokemon GO

Armored Mewtwo initially appeared in the Pokemon: Mewtwo strike backs movie
Credits: The Daily Star

After that Mewtwo is approached by team Rocket and makes his power to focus. Subsequently, he agrees to the condition and later makes his abilities to regulate inset of armours. However, this Armored Mewtwo is made from CGI, a remake of the “Mewtwo strikes back: Evolution”. It is scheduled to release in Japan on July 12 whereas the UK and the US will get on November 17.

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