Arrow Season 8 Episode 2 Live Streaming Trailer, Story Details and How to Watch Online?

Arrow Season 8 Episode 2 Live Streaming

Arrow Season 8 might be the finale of the show and they are going in for everything, bringing back classic character and merging timelines. In the series premiere of the show titled, Welcome to Hong Kong, the Monitor informs Oliver Queen that Earth-2 has been totally erased from existence.

Arrow Season 8 Episode 2 will deal with the aftermath of it as Arrow and Spartan (John Diggle) try to save the second earth. Laurel is unable to believe that her world is gone and she wants to go there and look for any survivors and help in any way she can. Here is how you can live stream the Arrow S08E02, along with what will happen in the next episode.

Arrow S08E02 Watch Online

Arrow S08E02 Watch Online

The second episode of Arrow Season 8 will air on Tuesday, October 22 at 9 pm EST. The latest episodes are free to stream on the CW network, CWTV, App, and websites. While CW might not be accessible outside the US region, there are other options for the fans located across different countries of the world.

Based on the location, Arrow Season 8 Episode 2 can be live-streamed on Hotstar, Amazon prime video, Colors infinity channel, Netflix and other streaming service platforms. Half of them airs Arrow for free without any subscription charges with just a few ads in between.

Trailer and Episode Story

Trailer and Story Arrow S08E02

Bases on the Arrow Season 8 Episode 2 trailer and sneak peek, it looks things are about to get ugly. Oliver can’t believe that an entire earth’s population is simply wiped out clean from existence as he looks for clues. Laurel from earth-2 blames Oliver for the accident and heated argument proceeds to her real home on that earth.

Oliver, Diggle, and Tatsu tries to find out the Monitor’s plan and looks for some important person. Meanwhile, in the 2040 storyline, the brothers Connor and JJ (the leader of Deathstroke gang) reconcile and have an emotional conversation.

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