Ashton Kutcher confuses blood stains for wine stains

Ashton Kutcher confuses blood stains for vine stains

Ashton Kutcher confuses blood stains for wine stains and falls into trouble. In 2001, Ashley Ellerin was murdered at her house. The murder flared up a lot of controversies and news articles against Ashton Kutcher and in favor of him.

Now, in this story, we have a special character. Psychological issues leading to serial killing were rampant back then too. Here we introduce you to a serial killer who goes by the name Michael Gargiulo.

In 2001, the case attracted many bees and paparazzi cutting and altering the news according to the readers. Though the alterations didn’t last for a long time and the truth was out!                                                   

Ashton Kutcher confuses blood stains for wine stains

She was stabbed 47 times

Ashton Kutcher: The Prosecution

The incident dates by in the year 2001 when Ashton Kutcher’s ‘That 70’s show’ was in a flare. Kutcher and Ellerin were looking forward to a date later that evening, but Kutcher was running late. He called Ashley Ellerin at 8.24pm from the sets of ‘That 70’s show’ to tell her that he was running late. That was the last time he spoke to her when he reached her apartment.

He later reached her house around 10 pm and knocked on the door a several time, but there was no answer. He then looked from the window and saw red stains on the carpet which he thought were red wine stains.

Moreover, he didn’t want to come out eager so he left right away. The next day he came to know of Ashley Ellerins murder and that she was stabbed 47 times by a knife. The killer was Michael Gargiulo and Ashton Kutcher was never a suspect in the eyes of the court.

Ashton Kutcher confuses blood stains for wine stains

Killing is his hobby
Source- NBC San Diego

Michael Garguilo’s modus operandi

Michael Garguilo is known as ‘Hollywood Ripper’ and ‘Chiller Killer’. He is known to stab his victims by a knife that too multiple times. Apparently, killing is his ‘hobby’ and he loves practicing his hobby frequently.

In 2008, he attacked Michelle Murphy and accidentally cut himself during the assault. This spilled his blood and his DNA was recorded. This DNA proved him a killer for a lot of murders and Ashley Ellerins too. This helped Ashton Kutcher to come off clear and pleaded not guilty.

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