Asteroid Apophis to fly-by Earth and here is how can you experience it?

Asteroid Apophis to fly-by Earth and how you can see it

It might sound like a plot of a Sci-fi movie but an asteroid named 99942 Apophis will perform a close fly-by.

Well, when the asteroid was first seen the scientists were worried. This led to some calculations about the impact of this asteroid with Earth. The calculations reflected that there is an approximately 2.7% chance that the asteroid will hit the Earth in 2029.

Asteroid Apophis to fly-by Earth and how you can see it

Asteroid Apophis to fly-by Earth on 13th April 2029

But with the use of new maths more accurate observations are given. According, to the current reports there is less than a 1-100,000 chance of Earth being hit by the asteroid. Till then NASA believes that the advanced measurements to avoid asteroid impacts can be helpful to save Earth from any impact.

First sighting of Asteroid Apophis

The asteroid was first seen on June 19 in 2004. The asteroid was given reference 99942. However, the people who are responsible for the discovery of an asteroid can choose to name it.

Apophis has Greek origins. The asteroid is expected to pass from Earth at around 19,000 miles. Many geosynchronous orbiting satellites. This depicts that 2029 will see some of these characteristics.

Asteroid Apophis to fly-by Earth and how you can see it

The asteroid will be visible through the naked eyes. While most of the asteroids fly-by need equipment like a telescope. Apophis will be bright and huge enough to be seen without any telescope. The people on the West coast of Australia will get to see a star-like moving point of light. It will further move to West. The asteroid is expected to cross the US one hour later.

Such events occur once in a decade so do try to see the asteroid. For more updates stay tuned to Blocktoro.

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