Astrologer claims COVID-19 will disappear quickly

arik xander covid-19

An outlandish claim by an astrologer suggests that the coronavirus chaos will continue and then vanish almost immediately.

An astrology expert, Arik Xander, has made this claim by making use of astrology to divine the uncertain future of the global coronavirus outbreak. Xander apparently investigated the Coronavirus’ horoscope to unravel the discoveries, which seems to contradict the more scientifically sound research relating to COVID-19.

arik xander covid-19

Arik Xander’s Bizarre Claims

The astrology expert shared these details on his Astrological Wellness blog.

“Coronavirus was declared with a lot of planets in Capricorn,” reads his blog.

“I see the collective south node, which represents our collective fate, is conjunct with Venus – an air planet of gas – in Capricorn which is the sign of suffering and material darkness.

Capricorn in the 11th astrological house of the collective which is furthering the syndication of fear (Capricorn) and the virus.”

In addition, Xander mentioned that Neptune, a planet associated with infection, is in the body’s first house, further indicating that there can be physical symptoms.

Also, he writes: “Chiron, and the black moon are in the second house of money, as is Uranus”.

“What I really see is the disturbance with the collective economy and money.”

More Excerpts from Xander’s Blog

Moreover, the North Node is in Cancer which is considered as a sign of protection and healing. It is also a sign that can be closed-off.

The U.S., a nation in the Cancer star sign has closed itself off from the remaining world. This, as he claims, signifies panic and considers it a sign of preparation for the “apocalypse”.

Next, Xander proceeds to explain how astrology may be able to assist with the coronavirus pandemic.

He writes: “We need to use the Moon in Aquarius to balance the nodes. So that’s connecting more with people in our hearts and minds, not isolating ourselves and going into me first survival/panic/animal mode”.

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