Atari VCS new designs out now, open for pre-orders: Know details

Atari VCS new designs out now, open for pre-orders

Atari has come out with the design for its latest console, it is called VCS. The new machine will be a Linux-based reassure with a Ryzen processor from Advanced Micro Devices, and it will play both old Atari recreations just as new titles made as of late. Fred Chesnais who is the CEO of Atari gave all the information.

While the first support was first focused for discharge in 2017, Chesnais said that (as reported in March) the most recent deadline for the Atari VCS is late 2019 for crowdfunding buyers and March 2020 for new clients.

Atari VCS new designs out now, open for pre-orders

A close up of the VCS. Source: Medium

Atari VCS: Pricing

The machine would cost $250 for a 4-gigabyte rendition and $390 for an 8-gigabyte variant. The console is available for pre-order. Deliveries will commence in 2020.

Pricing will start at $250 for Base model and will go upto $390 for the top model. The base model is the Atari VCS 400 Onyx which will have 4 gigs of RAM.

The top model is Atari VCS 800 which will have 8 gigs of RAM. All-In framework packages that incorporate an Atari VCS Classic Joystick and Atari VCS Modern Controller.

Great Joysticks estimated at $50 and Modern Controllers at $60, made in association with PowerA, are likewise accessible now for retail pre-request. Extra universal presale dates and retailers will be reported soon.


Chesnais said the organization is flaunting the graphical UI this week also.

“It’s exceptionally intriguing to put your hands on the machine and your eyes on it,” he said. “We normally returned to nuts and bolts.”

Atari will, in any case, have alternatives for an advanced controller and a great joystick, with structures that have been adjusted from the first ones appeared in recent years. The machine can likewise utilize a console.

Atari VCS new designs out now, open for pre-orders

Atari VCS in all its glory. Source: Indiegogo

Cause of Delay

Concerning deferring from the late spring to late 2019, Chesnais said the reason was to gain admittance to better AMD chips.

“When we saw the response roll in from the network, it turned into an easy decision for us,” he said. “We reported the move up to the new age of AMD chips. We will do the year’s end for the Indiegogo units, and afterwards March 2020 for standard.”

Chesnais evaluated 30 diversions would be accessible. Concerning rivalry with Intellivision, he noted it would be a shut framework, while the Atari framework would be open, with the capacity to add to the framework and go out on the web.

“It will be fitting and play, in excess of a toy, with a sandbox mode,” Chesnai said. “My fantasy is to have a great many applications on the gadget for individuals to download and use on their lounge TVs.”

The modern structure was propelled by the Atari 2600 from 1977. The Linux-based plan will empower players to work in sandbox mode, which gives them a chance to introduce a moment PC working framework like Windows or Chrome.

Unique Atari VCS benefactors will get their equipment beginning in December 2019, finishing a drive that started on May 30, 2018. Absolute gross deals have since topped $4 million with in excess of 12,000 individual supporters.

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