Attack on Titan Chapter 131 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaks: Eren’s Flashback and Inner Titan form Revealed

Attack on Titan Chapter 131 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaks

Attack on Titan Chapter 131 spoilers are finally out with the manga raw scans leaks arriving on the internet. The Shonen Magazine cover page for September issue confirms the information about Attack on Titan 131 manga chapter.

Eren will be the main focus of AoT Chapter 131 as his flashbacks and internal struggles will be shown. Here are more details on Attack on Titan Chapter 131 spoilers, raw scans leaks, release date and ways to read online the manga chapters.

Attack on Titan Chapter 131 Spoilers and Leaks

Attack on Titan Chapter 131 Spoilers and Leaks

Attack on Titan Chapter 131 Title: Rumbling

The chapter starts with the little Middle East boy and his little brother. They tried to run away from the colossal titans. They were both squished to death.

There is a little cute « romance » scene between Armin and Annie Annie : Why did you keep talking to a rock that wouldn’t say anything back? There were other girls who were more cheerful and more fun than me. Armin : That’s… because I wanted to see you, Annie. (blushes)

Annie : Why? Armin : What? You don’t really know? Hitch used to tease you a lot about it. Annie : I don’t know. (blushes) Armin : … Annie : What the hell are we doing… In this moment, when billions of people are being stomped to death… What are we doing?

Eren sees Fez-kun getting beat up by merchants. Eren tries to save the boy, but he is aware of what he will do in the future. “What am I thinking… even though you’re going to kill that boy eventually. What are you getting so worked up for…”

“Someone like me who will commit everything to violence from now on, don’t have the right to pretend to be righteous.”

Eren saves the boy and brings him back to the refugee camp. The boy thanks him. Eren inner thoughts : “The future… will not change. I’m the same as you, Reiner. A half assed piece of shit. No… I’m wrong… I’m even lower than that.”

Eren put his hands on the boy’s shoulders. He tells the boy : “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” (cries) “To save the island… and Eldia… that’s not… all.” “The reality outside the walls… is different from the world I dreamed about…”

“It was different from the world… I saw in Armin’s book.” “When I learned that humanity was alive outside the walls, I, was disappointed.” (tears are flowing from his eyes) “I wished for it. To wipe everything away. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” “I’m sorry.”

Eren’s flashbacks are mixed with Fez kid and his little brother, desperately running away from the colossal titans. He didn’t give up until the end. Before he was crushed, he saw Ymir Fritz looking at him. not in Paths, but in the real world.

Flashback of little Eren and little Armin, reading the book together and dreaming about the outside world. “Fire water, Ice ground, Fields of sand. The outside world must be times bigger than inside the wall!”

“The ones who get to see the outside world, is the most free in this world.” “This is freedom”, little Eren says this with a smile and open arms in a double page spread. Rumbling continues, people are crying in fear. Little Eren takes in the moment of freedom.

“I finally reached it. This scenery. Hey, Armin.” Present adult Armin gets connected to little Eren in paths for a single moment. Armin : …Eren Paths end. Armin and Annie have their talk next.

The last page is Eren sleeping inside his titan. He has a long skeleton neck. (Similar scene to that one scene in the Trost arc before Armin wakes him up)

Source: Shuuko Twiter

Attack on Titan Chapter 131 Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online

Attack on Titan Chapter 131 Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online

Attack on Titan Chapter 131 release date is set as August 7 as per the official manga sources. The raw scans for Attack on Titan 131 manga chapter are already leaked online, but it would be better to wait for the official English translation version.

Fans can read Attack on Titan Chapter 131 for free on Crunchyroll and Kodansha Comics website, which are the official publishers for the manga series. It would be better to read AoT manga chapters from official sources as it would help the creators to make better stories.

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