Attack on Titan Chapter 133 Spoilers, Leaks, Title and Full Manga Summary Details

Attack on Titan Chapter 133 Spoilers, Leaks, Title and Full Manga Summary Details

Attack on Titan Chapter 133 spoilers and leaks are finally out and the manga story is very emotional this time. Please proceed at your own risk as the post contains details about the manga storyline. Here is everything you need to know about the Attack on Titan chapter 133 spoilers, leaks, title, manga summary and other details.

Attack on Titan 133 Spoilers and Leaks Update


Attack on Titan Chapter 133 Title: “Sinners”

Eren brought the alliance in paths. He tells the alliance that there is no need for them to talk. He will keep moving forward for freedom. And they will eventually clash because of their own beliefs. He says he won’t stop the rumbling, all they can only do now is to fight.

“If you want to stop me then you’ll have to kill me. You are free.” He didn’t take away the alliance’s power because he didn’t want to take away their freedom to fight.

The alliance sees Little Eren and little Ymir standing side by side. little ymir is a couple of inches taller than little eren.

The alliance is on the plane discussing what to do and they could only fill half the fuel before leaving. While discussing it Levi says killing Zeke could stop the rumbling.

They talk with Reiner about how it must have been hard for him and Bertolt and Annie and they understand his feelings. Jean says that they are the same and Reiner tells them Eren said the same thing in Liberio.

They wonder why Eren left them able to use their titan powers And wonder if he wants them to stop the rumbling Then suddenly they are in paths.

So they think they can talk with Eren and start calling out to him. Each try’s to yell out to him and then they hear his voice.

He says he doesn’t want to leave the islands future to luck and he will keep going. Then they see a child Eren. They wonder why he is a child and yell out to him saying they want to talk.

He says for he to be free he will take the worlds freedom but he won’t take their (the alliance) freedom. They are free to protect the world and he is free to keep going.

Then Ymir is standing next to him. Both of them have shadowy eyes. As long as theses beliefs conflict they will collide. They have one thing they will do, fight Armin asks why they were called there.

He didn’t want to talk, just to tell them. If they want to stop him they will have to kill him. They are free to do that.

Then they are back on the plane. Then Annie speaks with Kiyomi. She remembers some things. Falco is having dream about flying a lot and he thinks he can fly with his titan.

Also Annie’s dad and Karina are alive.

Falco saw a dream and he says it was Zeke’s memory.

The memory he sees most often is flying above the clouds. Falco thinks because he ingested Zeke’s spinal fluid he can also do that. He thinks the beast titans of the past had wings and he thinks he can fly and he wants to try it.

But Annie is if he becomes a Titan on the ship it will sink and it’s too late anyways. Kiyomi says even if the boat sinks if they don’t try they will regret it.

Lastly a bunch of blimps are headed towards the colossals.

It ends with this sentence « As the end approaches total war begins »

Source: @extremelybored7 on Twitter

Attack on Titan Chapter 133 Official English Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 133 Official English Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 133 official release date is confirmed as Friday, October 9, 2020 as per the official manga sources. Even though the AoT Chapter 133 spoilers are out, it would be better to wait for Attack on Titan 133 chapter English official version to come out.

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