Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Spoilers, Leaks: Read Full Manga Summary and the Storyline

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Spoilers, Leaks- Read Full Manga Summary and the Storyline

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 spoilers and leaks are finally out and a basic manga story summary has also been compiled. The manga raw scans are usually leaked a few days before but it would be better to read AOT chapters from the official sources and help the creators. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Attack on Titan Chapter 135 spoilers ahead and hence one must proceed at their own risk.

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Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Summary

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Title: “Battle of Heaven and Earth”

The battle engages on the back of the Founding Titan, but Eren is nowhere to be found and Armin and his troop quickly find themselves in trouble.

The title of the chapter is Battle of heaven and earth

Ymir Fritz spawns all of the previous titan shifters to protect Eren.

Pieck gets stabbed by Willy’s sister War Hammer Titan.

Armin gets taken away by a titan similar to how Casca got taken away by the apostles in The Eclipse.

Armin sees Ymir Fritz. He thinks to himself Ymir Fritz is unstoppable. He sees a crying Bert and then Colossal appears and eats Reiner’s Titan.

We see the titans of Bert, Freckle Ymir, Galliard, Marcel, Willy’s Sister and other weird looking titans

Only Reiner’s titan got eaten. Jean saved him at last second. Karina sees it but she couldn’t get a clear view of her son being saved. She thinks Reiner is dead.

Things looked very hopeless at one point. Everyone got hurt really bad, Mikasa was at her last stand.

Cliffhanger is Annie, Gabi and Falco’s falcon Titan saved the day. They pulled out the alliance out of this hell at the last minute. Pieck and Armin were left behind.

The shifters aren’t truly alive obviously if they were they wouldn’t fight em, they are used as weapons. Some titan with a long tongue took away Armin.

No Eren and No Zeke

No Hisu either

Another very interesting thing we learn in this chapter: Ymir was indeed the one who released the pigs. It’s showed as first page

Levi got hurt while he was trying to save Connie, one titan was about to eat his leg but Mikasa saved him

They are all fighting inside Eren’s titan , and they use the 3dmg or hold at Eren’s ribs. Reiner was ready to fall but Jean is holding his hand kek.

Mikasa saved everyone’s ass in this chapter, Reiner was about to get eaten by Ymir (Jaw) but she saves him.

Armin’s first kiss with a Titan

Armin’s kiss pic

Levi got severely hurt but he’s safe Connie is holding him

Onyan’s still alive

We see a panel of Erwin from Armin’s pov

SC reaction to previous Shifters

Pieck tried to explode Flying Titan’s head but War Hammer Titan stopped her

Mikasa turning desperate but Annie saves em

Zeke’s Titan turned into bones

Bertolt’s crying in Armin’s head

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 Typeset is Out

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