Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers, Leaks Update: Manga Ending Leaks will be Out Soon


Attack on Titan Chapter 139 spoilers and leaks have started to come out and things will be clear very soon. The manga storyline is coming to an end and Attack on Titan 139 is the last and final chapter in the manga series. The fate of Eren, Levi, Mikasa, Armin, Falco, Gabi, Reiner and other characters will be revealed soon.

There are so many things that could happen in the final manga chapter and the ending will make or break the series too. Here are the latest updates on Attack on Titan Chapter 139 spoilers, leaks, manga ending and more.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers and Leaks Update

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 spoilers are out in the form of the magazine cover leaks and there is apparently a panel with a single dialogue that is claimed as the final panel of the manga chapter. It shows Eren holding a baby and the dialogue bubble says “You are free” as per the translation.

If the leaks are actually true, it means the Attack on Titan 139 chapter will end with Eren surviving with Historia’s baby and the world will be free from all the wars and Titan issues. Attack on Titan Chapter 139 spoilers will be updated once the leaks are verified from trusted sources and translated into English.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Raws Scans and Official Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 raws scans will be out around April 7 or April 8 as per the reports. However, fans should avoid all the unofficial scanlations this time and read the final chapter from the official sources for the best experience. Attack on Titan Chapter 139 will release on Friday, April 9th as per the official manga sources.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Summary, Spoilers, Leaks and Manga Raws (Unverified)

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