Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers, Theories: How will the Manga Story Wrap Up in a Single Issue?

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers, Theories- How will the Manga Storyline End in the Finale?

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 spoilers will be the last leaks in the manga series as there will be no more chapters after that. The manga series has made fans all over the world and it has been more than a decade since the first AOT chapter came out.

Hajime Isayama has confirmed that Attack on Titan 139 will be the last and final chapter in the manga series, and things will come out to an end soon. There are so many plot points that are yet to be resolved and Isayama needs to wrap up everything in just a single issue.

Some parts of the AOT fandom will surely be disappointed as the ending will not make everyone happy. Here are more updates on Attack on Titan Chapter 139 spoilers, theories and how will the manga story end in just a single issue.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers, Theories and Predictions

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers, Theories and Predictions 

Everyone knows that Attack on Titan Chapter 139 will end the manga storyline and things will be concluded for sure. But no one is sure about how will the manga end, how will the plot points get resolved and what will the prologue of the storyline. It is too early to talk about Attack on Titan 139 spoilers and hence we can only discuss the potential theories and predictions for the manga ending.

Here are some theories for the possible ways Attack on Titan Chapter 139 ending can happen for the manga storyline.

  • Ymir resets everything after he is moved by the love between Eren and Mikasa.
  • Historia’s baby is Ymir reborn who sets up a new world where Titans and humans co-exists togther.
  • There is some major time travel or alternate reality concept involved that ends the manga in such a way that everything is resolved via some deus ex machina.
  • The entire world stops fighting after Eren’s death as they realize the Titans are not their enemies, but differences with each other is the source of all their problems.
  • Eren and Mikasa starts to spend the rest of their lives in PATHS while the Rumbling continues to destroy everything outside Paradis.
  • All the people who have turned into mindless Titans starts becoming human again and the existence of Titans is wiped out.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 will release on April 9 and fans can read it legally from the following manga sources.

  • Amazon
  • Bookwalker
  • Crunchyrol
  • Comixology
  • Kodansha Comics

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