Attack on Titan Ending Explained: What happens in the Finale of the Manga Series?

Attack on Titan Ending Explained: What happens in the Finale of the Manga Series?

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 has finally come out and it marks the end of the manga series. The journey that started more than a decade ago has finally come to an end and Hajime Isayama has answered all the questions. But the Attack on Titan ending has also raised more questions than it could answer and most of the fans are confused regarding the manga finale.

The story of Eren Yeager has come to an end with the manga story getting concluded but it is not as simple as it seems. Here is a better explanation of the Attack on Titan ending that gives a better view of what happens in the finale of the manga series.

Attack on Titan Manga Ending Explained

Attack on Titan manga ends with Ymir taking away the Titan curse and freeing everyone who was turned into a Titan. But to free everyone from the curse, Ymir needed to free herself first from King Fritz’s bond and it happened after she saw Mikasa killing Eren for the greater good. Eren was enslaved to destiny the whole time, while enslaving past Attack Titan holders and make them do what destiny wanted.

All of this in the name of freeing Ymir from her enslaver, the “love” she felt for king Fritz. Mikasa was the one responsible to show her how to free herself from her “love” by killing Eren. After freeing herself from Fritz, Ymir was able to let go and the Eldians lost the ability to Titanize.

Attack on Titan concludes on the following note: Almost all of our main characters become ambassadors of peace while Paradis or the allies and the rest of the world don’t know if they’ll annihilate each other.

While everyone almost understood the basic ending, the last manga panel in Attack on Titan Chapter 139 showing a dove pecking at Mikasa’s scarf has left everyone confused. Most of the fans are thinking that it is Eren who has transformed into a dove, which is not exactly that.

It is more of a symbolism that Eren is free even though he had to die for that and the dove represents the freedom when it comes near Mikasa. Eren has not turned into a literal dove as per the manga theories as the ending is left open to interpretation.

How to Read Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Legally?

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 can be read online legally from the following manga platforms. One must always use the legal routes to read Attack on Titan manga chapters and it being the last one, we must support the creators.

  • Amazon
  • Comixology
  • Crunchyroll
  • Kodansha
  • Bookwalker

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