Australia Weather Report: Weekly cold blasts with high snowfall in NSW and Victoria


Australia is quite prepared for weekly cold blasts of winter months. But the recent event has lead Australians to believe that nature holds more than they have expected. Cold winds have overlaid areas of NSW and Victoria with higher snowfalls.

The weather is un-fortunately striking

Australia to Drench Heavily in Seasonal Snowfalls

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Australian ski resorts were hit by the first of multiple cold blasts recently. The thick snow layers completely coated the country’s south-east areas overnight.
Temperatures have fallen quite down in many areas.

Although the people had a warm start to May, the weather got quite cold in a span of a few days. The alpine regions of Australia have already received their first big snowfall heap. Perisher in New South Wales has received 20com of snow within a day adding to the lowering of temperature by -4C to -6C.

The Thredbo ski resort has had five centimetres of snow falling over last night. Victoria’s Mt Buller had the most dreaded fall with a 20cm coating.

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Australia to Drench Heavily in Seasonal Snowfalls

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The snowfall is only a sub-product of series of the cold front that passed Victoria and NSW vigourously.

Some of the main routes are jammed with snow right now. However, snow enthusiasts are highly excited to know that several fronts are in a row to hit the nation hard enough.

The coming days will be seeing more snow to fall over. Shortly, the front heads will generate out of the Tasman Sea leading to high falls for two weeks.
Parts of the alpine region will receive around 20-40cm of snow in the week.

However, drier weather will arrive soon at the weekend. It ain’t the end to the generated cold waves. The next front is quite giant and will bring snowfall in metres to areas of Victoria and Tasmania.

Weather department of the state had issued weather warnings as areas can be hit hard by wild winds, in coming days. The wind guts may rise as high as 90km/hr, damaging potential properties. Thredbo Top station also saw record-breaking wind guts, howling massively at 104 kilometres per hour.

The weather is quite vibrant for adventure souls but it is definitely safer to stay at home and go out(if) with complete precautions.

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