Australian cricket team captain Tim Paine misquotes Churchill over ball tampering scandal

Australian cricket team captain Tim Paine wrongly cites Winston Churchill

Australian Test captain Tim Paine addressed the media at the pre-match press conference before the 1st Ashes Test. And he was quite confident of his team’s rise back to good tough Australian character.

But Tim Paine is in news of a wrong citation of Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. He quoted conspiracy theorist David Icke instead of Churchill in an attempt to create pre-match vibe at Ashes Test.

Tim Paine misquotes in reference to the ball-tampering scandal

Australian Team’s character was tainted last year with three of their players involved in a ball tampering scandal at Cape Town. The trio, David Warner, then Captain Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft were suspended for a year from all sorts of cricket by Cricket Australia.

Australian cricket team captain Tim Paine wrongly cites Winston Churchill

Smith and Warner were welcomed with boos from English fans at the World Cup. Image : YahooSports

The 14 months since have been of rebuilding and restructuring for Australia. Tim Paine has ably lead the Test team in building a culture that promotes fair and tough cricket. And hence Tim Paine was once again pointing out his team will let their game do the talking.

That’s in good contrast to the typical Aussie spirit of a lot of sledging and trash talk. Although Smith, Warner and Bancroft are back in the setup, Paine was confident the change room atmosphere was of the right spirit. That’s when he wrongly quoted Churchill.

“There’s been a quote hanging around the changing room this week from Winston Churchill and that’s that ‘behavior doesn’t lie’. We can talk all we like about how we’re going to behave. You guys will see how we behave and can judge for yourselves,” Tim Paine said.

The quote belongs to a conspiracy theorist

Tim Paine in reality spoke a quote accredited to sports broadcaster turned conspiracy theorist David Icke as per iNews. That is quite an embarrassing moment for an Australian captain on the first day of a touring Ashes.

Tim Paine though can be excused because the there’s a lot of quotes wrongly credited to Churchill.

Smith and Warner though surely weren’t excused this morning. They received a torrid reception from the English fans much alike the world cup. How they will cope with the boos and the stage is something to see as the series wears out.

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