Australian Police has finally caught the ISIS recruiter aka Jihadi Influencer

Australian Police finally catches the ISIS recruiter

Australian police finally catches the ISIS recruiter making it clear that terrorism will not be tolerated.  There really is too much of employment in the ISIS community than any other field. ‘Jihadi influencers’ have been recruiting emotionally weak Muslims and manipulating them to kill people in the name of religion. Robert Cerantonio, the recruiter and an ‘inspiration’ for thousands or maybe lakhs of extremist Muslims have been caught red-handed by the Australian police.

With terrorism spreading its tentacles to claw every possible nation, Australia aims at cutting them off from the roots. The Australian police were behind Robert Cerantonio, who goes by the pseudonym, Musa. Cerantonio is a Melbourne-native, 29. He uses social media platforms like YouTube to gain followers and obviously, Jihadis.

Australian Police finally catches the ISIS recruiter

Robert Cerantinio (Musa), an Islamic preacher and an ‘inspiration’
Source- Herald Sun

ISIS recruiter Robert Cerantonio’s arrest

Robert was caught with a Filipino man and a Filipina woman, with stacks of SIM cards, mobile phones, his passport, and different currencies. He was arrested on Friday morning in the Lapu-Lapu city. Reuters has heard from the Australian Intelligence department that he has been ‘literally recruiting’ Filipino Muslim extremists for Jihad.

Footscray-based Islamic preacher Musa Cerantonio among five arrested over alleged plan to join Islamic State from melbourne

However, his arrest has been a great boon to the intelligence department. He has been one of the greatest leaders and his arrest can work as a catalyst in destroying terrorism from Australia. Musa is considered as the link between the Islamists who support the wars in the Middle East. Cerantonio has given lectures supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Australian Police finally catches the ISIS recruiter

He is literally recruiting and manipulating the minds of Muslims.
Source- The Australian

The Australian Chasing Terrorism

Australia has been chasing the recruiter cum inspiration cum terrorist since who have been using social media to manipulate the killing of innocents by innocents. Robert has used every trick to mislead the police. He has been posting subtle hints on Twitter and Facebook about him dwelling in Iraq or Syria instead of Australia.

Despite the mislead, Australian police tracked him down and are already investigating him for further connections. He will be kept in a high-risk prison where the other extremists are kept, namely Abu Sayyaf, Australia has listed ISIS along with Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) as terrorist groups. Any person who has helped them financially or who have fought in their favour in Iraq or Syria will be jailed up to 25 years.

Terrorism has no religion. A small reminder to every ‘human’, killing won’t take you anywhere except in jail. If God has created people, then why do you think killing them would take you to heaven? This logic is like, you buying clothes to wear and then burning them to get clothes in free from some charity.

To the non-muslims, not every Muslim who sits beside you, is a terrorist. Even if you don’t call them out, your doubting eyes make them feels attacked. To Muslims, raise hands against terrorism, if a terrorist is using social media, you use it too, show them that Allah didn’t ask you to kill but live. For more updates, stay tuned and keep coming back!

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