Australian voters can face consequences if they don’t turn up for the polls

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Australian voters are forced to vote, and if they fail to do so, then they might have to face the punishments. Plus, it might go beyond paying fine. Voting is necessary, and it is the only way to express one’s opinion in the country.

It gives an individual the right to directly question their government about various problems. The government forces them to vote to implement and create new policies for the benefit of its citizens.

Punishments for Australian voters who fail to vote

Australian voters can face consequences if they don't turn up for the polls


Australia is one of those countries who has enforced compulsory voting for the citizens. If Australian voters fail to do so, then they will have to pay $20 fine. As per the websites, the amount can rack up higher if they don’t pay on time.

The government can also take away their driver’s license if they fail to vote during State election punishments. In Federal election punishments, an individual might end up paying $180 and criminal convictions.

Some people will also be ordered to do community service if they fail to cast a ballot. However, it can get much serious than that. But if they still decline to complete their punishment, then the Australian Electoral Commission can drag them forcefully to the court. It is stated on their website that the citizens will have to face strict punishments by the law.

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Many stories of non-voters are coming up to the surface from the past. In 2016, a Tasmanian woman Emma Louise Pearce got slapped with a criminal condemnation for failing to vote. Moreover, she was brought to the court where she disapproved rules related to the voting system.

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