‘Avatar 2’ Spoilers and Updates: RDA to use ‘a Crabsuit vehicle’ underwater


Everyone is eager to know what “Avatar 2” has in store for the fans. The second movie is likely to focus more on Pandora’s bodies of water as compared to the first one.

We have already got a glimpse of how the Resources Development Administration (RDA) will deal with the new environment in the upcoming movie.

More Spoilers in store

The official Twitter page of the movie franchise revealed that the movie will explore Pandora’s water. As per the latest update, RDA will use a submarine vehicle in the upcoming sequel. The vehicle looks like a crab and is called the crabsuit vehicle. It functions just like a crab.

The vehicle has got multiple legs which will be controlled by a driver. The vehicle has six mechanical legs. These legs will only be used on land and won’t be required to float underwater. The Twitter update said that these submarine images were only concept art. So it is likely that there may be some changes in the movie.

Delay in Movie Premiere due to COVID-19

It is exciting to know some spoilers and see pictures of the upcoming movie’s elements. However, the fans will have to wait more before they actually get to see the movie. The pandemic has pushed the release date of the movie even farther.

Fans got an open letter from Cameron in this regard. There is a delay in the New Zealand filming schedule and Los Angeles production work. Earlier, the movie was set to premiere in December next year. But now, this date has been shifted to December 2022.


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