Avengers 5 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and Iron Man Return Confirmed?


Avengers: Endgame got together all the MCU superheroes to beat the evil Thanos. Phase 4, will come up with the multiverse in a revolutionary way, which could set the stage for Avengers 5 with the Secret Wars story, possibly the biggest venture in the history of Marvel’s comic book. This might make way for some of our favorite characters to make a comeback even after their stories have ended.

Avengers 5
Avengers 5: Secret Wars

One of the 2 versions of the comic book was written by Jim Shooter released in 1984 as a 12 issue series, created in connection with Mattel. Moreover, it was a marketing gimmick to sell toys and bring together all the superheroes in one comic book event.

In 1980s, the heroes of Avengers, Fantastic Fours, Spider-Man and X-Men as well as villains like Doctor Doom, Ultron and Doctor Octopus were transported to the Battleworld planet by the cosmic villain Beyonder.

Jonathan Hickman’s 2015 version of Secret Wars followed a similar plot. However, the storyline was relatively more impactful given the multitude of differences. The 9-issue series brought all Marvel multiple universes and alternate timelines together as against just plainly transporting to another galaxy.

The Battleworld was formed after destroying and merging the Marvel’s main universe (Earth-616), the alternate Earth-1610 universe, and also the timelines where storylines of Age of Apocalypse and House of M occurred.

avengers 5: What it holds for fans

Ultimately, the multiverse was restored. However, the damage had already been done. A new universe was born out of the old one with possibilities that were endless. Secret Wars aided Marvel’s continuity to rejuvenate through launch of fresh characters and backstories, and introduction of new team-ups and alliances.

There’s not much that can be predicted about Avengers 5 at this moment. However, it is quite possible that Marvel will choose to use the storyline of Secret Wars to introduce Fantastic Four and X-Men into the MCU.

Avengers 5: Trailer

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