Avengers Endgame will not have an intermission and here is the reason why

Avengers: Endgame will not Feature an Intermission

Yes, you heard it right, the Avengers Endgame will not have an intermission. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige also said that fans may not find a good time to go on a loo break. According to the writers of Endgame, it is going to be three hours movie.

Sadly, the fans will have to struggle to find a good time to visit the washroom. Some of the fans may also find it challenging to sit in the theatre for three hours straight. If you have a habit of eating popcorns and drinking cokes during the movie, then you are going to end up in big trouble.

In an interview, Kevin also said to the audience that there is a reason for this movie to be 3 hours long. He tried to cut the runtime of the movie. Otherwise, it could have been even longer than three hours. So do not even miss a few seconds of the movie.

The creators want you to start preparing for Avengers Endgame in advance. You may not want your bladder to interrupt the movie. If you are hoping that the local theatres might give an intermission, then you are going to be highly disappointed.

Avengers Endgame: Advice for the fans

Some of the fans are used to sitting through show and movie marathons that are longer than 3 hours. However, there are some fans who won’t be able to touch it. We can only advice to those fans to go to the bathroom before you get into the theatre. You can also visit the loo before the movie starts. Take this advice or you might just regret it later.

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