Baby Yoda Toys Scam Alert: Fake Little Yoda Toys are Flooding the Market

Baby Yoda Toys Scam Alert Fake Little Yoda Toys are Flooding the Market

Baby Yoda toys are in a lot of demands and everyone wants to get after watching The Mandalorian TV series of Disney plus streaming service. It is also one of the major reasons why there are a lot of fake baby Yoda toys arriving in the market and people are getting scammed. While Baby Groot was kind of cute, the character of Baby Yoda has broken the internet and Star Wars fandom has been loving it.

Even the kids and adults who have no idea about the lore want one of the cute Baby Yoda toys. Most of the people are searching for Baby Yoda toys online and offline but the thing is Disney won’t release the merchandise until next year. It is one of the main fake baby Yoda toys scam are duping up in various ways. Here is more information on Baby Yoda toys scam and how to identify the fake ones get the real toys.

Fake Baby Yoda Toys Scam Alert

Fake Baby Yoda Toys Scam Alert

Fake Baby Yoda toys are being flooded into the market as the demand for baby Yoda has increased too much. Since no official toys by Disney are out, scammers are using fake copies of the green little Yoda to take advantage of the situation. They have been selling cheap replicas of the baby Yoda toys and duping customers.

The baby Yoda shown in The Mandalorian show is mostly a puppet and it is why it says consistent and not using CGI is another added benefit. Apart from selling fake baby Yoda toys, some hackers are using the high demand for stealing data and money from users. There are various malicious websites claiming to sell baby Yoda toys, duping users of their money, stealing their credit and debit card information.

How to Get Real Baby Yoda Toys from Official Sources?

How to Get Real Baby Yoda Toys from Official Sources

Baby Yoda toys are officially a part of the Star Wars merchandise which is currently owned by Disney and distributed by Hasbro. Since there’s so much demand, it will take a lot of time for the original baby Yoda toys to come out. As of now, the first look of the baby Yoda toys have been released and they will be available for pre-order soon, but they won’t be available until May 2020.

For those who don’t want the fake baby Yoda toys, always look on the official sites and applications for real baby Yoda, and not fall in scams or cheap traps. The baby Yoda toys are officially called as ‘The Child’ and will come in stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. very soon.

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