Bachelor in Paradise: Flashback of the previous seasons

Bachelor in Paradise: Season Premiere Recap

Bachelor in Paradise returned for a sixth season this Monday. And, it has been gaining a lot of praise from the audience. No doubt, Bachelor in Paradise has proved a better successor of Bachelor franchise. In this season, Blake’s trip to Paradise becomes terrific as his two exes arrive on the beach. Here’s a recap for the season premiere.

The Cast

Bachelor in Paradise

The cast of Bachelor in Paradise (Source: Capital Gazette)

The cast of Bachelor in Paradise features Blake, Dylan, Derek, Kevin, Wills, Cam, and Clay in lead. The leading ladies include Katie, Demi, Jane, Sydney, and Hannah G.

A flashback of previous stories

  • Caelyn and Blake’s date after Colton’s season did not end well. Blake will have the fear of Caelyn exposing this publicly. As he wants to keep the relationship with her a secret.
  • In season 5, we saw Clay and Angela dating. However, Angela’s friend Annaliese thinks that it is not the right time for two of them to date each other.
  • And, the last but not the least, the woman whom Demi started dating before coming to paradise thinks that she has experienced some sexual transformations.

Couples of Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: Couples (Source: Suregist)

As the title suggests, the story talks about a few bachelors living their youth in paradise. So, the show has the following couples:

  • Tayshia and Blake– So, Tayshia is Blake’s first date for the season. Although he met her previously once, he was too drunk to remember it. However, their first date worked well as they both relish the tub bath at Vidanta Hotel.
  • Demi and Derek- As we know that Demi is a broad-minded girl. Thus, she feels no shy in making out with Derek. However, it does not matter that she met him a few hours back only.
  • Dylan and Hannah G.- Hannah seems disappointed as Blake didn’t ask her out. But, on the other hand, Dylan is thrilled to have Hannah for his Paradise date.
  • Kristina and Blake- Kristina gets the second date card for the episode. And, she uses it to take revenge on Blake. However, Caelynn and Tayshia get upset because Kristina uses her card to date Blake. But, they are unaware of Kristina’s intentions behind it.

So, that’s all as a part of recap for the season. For more entertainment updates, keep watching BlockToro!

Bachelor in Paradise Premiere Recap: We Need to Talk About Blake

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