Bachelor in Paradise: Jade Roper Speaks her Experience of Accidental Home Birth

Bachelor in Paradise Jade Roper Speaks her Experience of Accidental Home Birth through Open Letter

Jade Roper from Bachelor in Paradise has just walked out from one of the harrowing yet overly impassioned phase of her life. The actor has just given birth to her baby boy and that to be accidental.
Hear her whole story to know how her birth plans succumbed to her unexpected labor and how the couple finally coped up with the sudden outburst.

Jade Roper and an accidental home birth

The Bachelor in Paradise stars have just welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday, July 30. While the situation was completely under control and both the mamma and baby were doing well, Jade busted on some racking details about their son’s delivery. She called the birth as ‘accidental.’ And the reasons are purely weening. Roper gave birth to her baby inside the master closet of couple’s Southern California home.

I’ve been still under the shock of this everything, as this was not all that I planned. However, I am so so thankful for every other person to stand and help me bring our son into the world securely.

Jade had to have her delivery done after a few more days due to slight complications. But who would have expected about her water breaking up in the middle inside her home?
However, Roper managed the entire circumstance with much balance and alertness. And after a rough 75-minute struggle with her own bones, she finally welcomed her healthy boy on a bench in her home closet.

The Bachelor in Paradise couple welcomes a baby boy

The scene may sound a little flimsy, but that’s all what really happened. Roper is now a healthy and proud mother of two beautiful souls. Besides her two little toddlers, the almighty has bestowed Roper with another profound blessing, her lover, and husband, Tanner.

Bachelor in Paradise Jade Roper Speaks her Experience of Accidental Home Birth through Open Letter

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Tanner didn’t lose her sight at all. He was there at every point, holding her hand and calming her heart strands down.

It was one of the most deadly moments of my life because I was feeling so out of control. But Tanner, our moms, and the pre-medics kept me going and mad pain a little more comfortable.

Not to mention that Tanner and Jade first met on the sets of Bachelor in Paradise itself. They worked together and eventually fall for each other within a few months. The couple then took a step further and married each other in a televised wedding in 2016.

Within minutes of Jade bursting her extremely personal story aloud, the Bachelor Nation flooded her social media handles with immense love and endless support. Jade and Tanner are already parents to a baby girl, whom she gave birth in 2017.

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