Bachelor in Paradise Premiere Recap: We Need to Talk About Blake

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Once again, Bachelor in Paradise season 6 has taken over our TV screens, and we have so much to talk about our new contestants, especially Blake Horstmann! As we all know, the participants of Bachelor in Paradise are selected from the previous seasons of The Bachelorette as well as The Bachelor.

These people are given one more chance to start a new journey of love. Moreover, we have so much to discuss about the premiere episode and Blake Horstmann who is the new member of the show. So without further ado let’s dive into it!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 Episode 1 Recap

Blake Horstmann in Bachelor and Paradise Season 6.
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The new season of Bachelor in Paradise has brought some old shenanigans and introduced some new stars to the show. Besides, the fans have so many stars to root for and ship new relations in this season. Moreover, the sixth season is getting huge attention due to Blake Horstmann. That’s right guys!

Caelynn and Blake Horstmann’s story

After Colton’s season, Caelynn dated Blake, but it didn’t end well for both of them. Caelynn stated that after their date he ghosted her and they hooked up later! But one morning, Caelynn saw Blake DM’ing Hannah G while sleeping next to her. Who does that? Besides, he told her that the night before he hooked up with Kristina.

Plus, before entering this show, he begged Caelynn to keep their past relationship a secret from the contestants. We have so many reasons to hate Blake now! Also, he has been having sex with anyone he wants. However, it was Caelynn’s fault that she never stated that she had issues with him sleeping or talking to other women.

She agreed to all his terms with a small ‘Okay’! Moreover, she should have turned his world upside down the moment she entered this show. She must confront Tayshia or Hannah G, and should lay out all the problems she had with Blake as soon as possible!

The arrival of the other contestants on Bachelor in Paradise season 6 premiere

Besides, Chris Bukowski is back to the Bachelor-related franchise for the sixth time. The show introduced new faces like Sydney, Annelise, and Bibiana who have a small fanbase.

Moreover, Onyeka arrived with an air horn. Additionally, Cam from Hannah Godwin’s season entered the show wearing leopard-print button-down. He is an annoying guy who wants a wife who can bear his child! Ridiculous! Other casts who arrived in the show are John, Paul Jones, and Clay.

The moment Clay arrives, Anneliese reveals to everyone that she can’t believe that his ex is here. In the first week of the show, the guys got the power, and Blake is the lucky one who gets the first date card. He decided to pick Tayshia, while Hannak G felt disappointed that he didn’t choose her.

But Dylan makes a move on Hannah G and has a talk with her in the end. The next day, Kristina enters the show, and picks Blake for revenge date! Stay tuned to find out what happens next in the upcoming episode!

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