Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Glimpses of the hate and love stories so far

Bachelor in Paradise: Glimpses of everything happened so far

Bachelor in Paradise is hanging on edges of drama this week. With Bonnie’s birthday party and drama that follows, we are sure to give you some major #bingewatchgoals with this season.

Bachelor in Paradise recap

The week was fun. With first literal fistfight on BiP sets to Caelynn BITCHing Kristina over a frivolity, this season has seen the most of universe so far. To understand how Bachelor in Paradise is unfolding, we need to discern what’s brewing underneath.

Let’s uncover the ever-complicated relationship of Demi with her BiP lovers. Demi is a typical example of how someone can love you, friendzone you and rebound with you at the same, perfect time. She has always been confused about her relationship with hommies on sets. Demi had a girlfriend at home whom she clearly misses a lot. But she too craves for taking honors of ‘Bachelor in Paradise Season 6’ crown holder.

Bachelor in Paradise: Glimpses of everything happened so far

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This is not particularly the case of Demi only. We have had contestants with the same theme of confounding before. But maybe, that’s what makes Demi a more honest and upfront person than her fellow set members. She has been pristine clear about her feelings for having a girlfriend at home. The girl confides everything to Derek on her first date.

Meanwhile, who on the show would have come out and take a stand for something that matters to them. We have looked on at contestants, acting like they are madly in love with someone on sets. But once they win the show, they break-up, split their ways and move back with someone in the first place.

Demi never held back for whenever she was asked and ranted about her sexuality and fears on the show. She has finally begun to accept for who she is beneath. Specifically speaking, I have never seen someone as outspoken and feeble as Demi is. She fears people, yet she reveals herself to them. She has layers(which we all have) but never fails to glorify them. For there is a reason, she is like the way she is.

Blake’s infidelity, Hannah’s accusations and many more

And I have always failed to understand why people think it to be harmful and outlandish for accepting of who you are. Moreover, we do have some particular examples of how dates at BiP had innuendos about someone’s sexuality, resulting in a teasing, way beyond the human’s dreams.

Bachelor in Paradise: Glimpses of everything happened so far


Remember Jaimi King from Nick Viall’s ‘The Bachelor’ time. Despite being a bi-sexual queer, she was somehow forced to pursue a straight relationship with a man, she was always reluctant of. At times, men at the sets were bothered about Jaimi stealing away their woman and girls were troubled about the idea of Jaimi asking them out. women were scandalized that she might ask them out.

Now if we somehow jump over Demi’s sexual fluidity stigma, we have some serious allegations to face about Blake meeting Hannah much before Bachelor in Paradise even took off. The revelation comes out after Dylan figures out Hannah’s indifferences from Blake in initial phases. Blake is a Don Juan, you know.

Hannah’s disclosures not only tarnish her relationship with Dylan but some brutal, never-ending indifferences with Tayshia. Not to mention that Dean, the studmuffin spoils every other relationship with his arrival in the villa as a wild card. The revenge-fire intensifies after Kristina and Caelynn catch Blake two-timing with them.

Christian’s further sexist remarks over Nicole as a hot commodity adds fuels to the already burning feminine fire at BiP.

There’s lot more to the show, that has been missed for quite a time. Stay tuned and stay awake, because BiP has melodramas to go on for an eternity.

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