Bachelor in Paradise season 6: Blake’s strategy of two timing crashes disastrously


Standing off-spin dramas in ‘The Bachelor’ franchise is more like a horrible test from hell. While we are still stuck to The Bachelorette finale and all drama that followed, it’s time to get our nerves high again! The Bachelor in Paradise has returned to haunt us again with the season 6 and useless, never-ending drama.

Bachelor in Paradise returns with a Season 6

The premiere hit right to our overly exaggerated, stagy nerves. Kicking off with Blake hooking up with two different women to blossoming love triangles, Bachelor in Paradise season 6 set all our screens on fire, this Monday.

Moreover, we got details of some love squares and terrible love octagons to be happening this year on summer sets of Mexico.

As soon as the premiere lighted, the camera shifted intensively to Blake and Kristina. Blake has been horrible at love; you can spot him flirting disastrously with some other chic while being in a healthy serious relationship at the same time.

However, Kristina gets to know about Blake’s hideous intentions and urges to bring out his real face on camera.

Bachelor in Paradise: Blake two-times with two women on show

picture: ABC

We got a front row to the drama where Kristina chooses to aim Blake into a stag after his gruesome two-timing thing. Caelynn faces a major meltdown after Kristina clears her air with Blake.

Caelynn fumes over Blake’s infidelity

Meanwhile, Syndey, who till time grew fond of Blake, stepped back after grasping Blake’s black sides. Blake went pale as soon as Kristina reached where he and Caelynn were already flirting (the casual, healthy flirts, you know.)

Caelynn imperils Blake by calling him a scum-bag and womanizer. But Blake is a bolshie when it comes to stalking and flamboyancy. He approaches Tayshia the very next day who is instantly smitten by Blake’s non-approving yet charming ways.

Eventually, Caelynn reveals her post-Blake trauma to Onyeka who isn’t afraid to throw tantrums on the double-timer.

Bachelor in Paradise: Blake two-times with two women on show


Meanwhile, apart from the Blake date drama, there’s another love story brewing in the closets of Bachelor in Paradise season 6. Dylan and Hannah had a steamy make-out last night. He’s so so flattered over how well he is romancing with Hannah.

Ergo there is a ton of drama and revelations, awaiting your presence at the Mexican villa, this year.

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