Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 to feature the first same-sex couple!

Bachelor in Paradise season 6 will feature its first same-sex couple!

Love is just love and holding it in shackles of society’s prejudice can never give birth to anything good. LGBTQ is accepted by almost all open-minded and sane people. For crying out loud they are humans too.

Their love is just like ours, and they don’t need to prove or justify anything to anyone! It looks like Bachelor in Paradise season 6 are also in for supporting the existence of pure love in all forms! For its next iteration will feature the first same-sex couple of the series!

Bachelor in Paradise season 6 will feature its first same-sex couple!

Demi is coming!
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Bachelor in Paradise season 6: supporting LGBTQ

Excited about the news? Well, I know I definitely am! Demi Burnett is going to be one half of the same-sex couple while the other half is still under veils for Bachelor in Paradise season 6.

The trailer of the forthcoming Bachelor in Paradise season 6 features teasing romance between Demi and a mysterious woman.

In the trailer of Bachelor in Paradise season 6, Demi announced her love for the mystery women as she climbs on top of her on a bed! Kissing her passionately she says that she no longer fears that someone might catch them. However, to spice things up a bit more the character of Bachelor in Paradise season 6 is also in love with Derek Peth.

The couple shared a lovely, hot and streaming hot-tub make-out scene as well in the session. Derek acknowledges the incident and says

Last night, Demi and I had a really fun time in the hot tub, that’s not something I should have to hide.”

Bachelor in Paradise season 6 will feature its first same-sex couple!

Just wait for it!
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Demi discloses her lesbian role to fans

As soon as the trailers of Bachelor in Paradise season 6 hit the media Demi tweeted to inform her fans about her upcoming romance. She confessed herself as a Queer Queen, which could be considered as more than a subtle hint for all. Soon her friends and co-workers flooded the media with their support and love for her.

Hannah Brown who is the current star of The Bachelorette wrote that they all will bow down before her. As well as that she will love Demi always and forever! Even Caelynn, the Bachelor in Paradise co-star supported the actress as said the Demi is an absolute queen.

Well, to be honest, I am looking forward to the release of the sixth season. The two-night season is destined to premiere at 8 pm on August 5th and 6th .

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