Bachelor In Paradise Season 6 Week 2: Spoilers, Eliminations and Fueling Controversies

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Week 2: Spoilers, Eliminations and Fueling Controversies
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If you love cringe drama, you would have surely hitched to Bachelor In Paradise Season 6 last week’s overly stagy, climactic ride. What if I tell you, it is just a sluggish start and there is much more drama in the following episodes. With some hammy acting and tons of dumps and dejection, the next few weeks will surely assault you to bunk your language classes!

PS. Spoilers ahead !

Bachelor In Paradise Season 6: Break-ups and new arrivals

The Bachelor Nation will be wearing so much of new arrivals, tear-jerks, and steamy scenes this time in Bachelor In Paradise Season 6. With Bibiana, Annaliese, and Jane’s eviction in the first weeks, the nine surviving women are right now obsessed with new chap arrivals. Meanwhile, Dean, Christian, and Jordan certainly mark entry in the Mexican villa to lure the sassy lass.

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Week 2: Spoilers, Eliminations and Fueling Controversies

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Besides, front-runner, Mike was too desperate to woo a lady and garner some good attention through his publicity stunts. In the interim, Hannah is still stuck in her melodramatic love triangle with Dylan and Blake. Despite barging a date with Clay, Nicole gears herself for a fresh start with both Jordan and Christian in Bachelor In Paradise Season 6.

I feign how pissed off, Clay is going to be after seeing Nicole slipping from his hands. Obviously, why would such a ‘hot commodity’ (as Clay says) look forward to settling with an average Clay?

The love-triangles and spine-tickling confessions

The villa-scenes in Bachelor In Paradise Season 6 then intensify with Caelynn falling for a dashing newbie. In the meantime, Dylan and Blake will share a short-timed, hot-exchange over pursuing Hannah. If we flash a look at Tuesday’s episode 4 and the following synopsis, the installment might entail explosive confrontations and hiding secrets.

It’s the time to dig a little deeper and re-visit the contestants’ scandalous past lives. The episode will also share Hannah’s secret revelations over her love-mate and Demi confessing of a ‘rebound’ with Derek. Moreover, Caelynn’s confusions over Dean and Cam will succumb to Mike’s arrival and he asking for some quality time with Caelynn.

There’s more to the show, we are still leaving behind. While, the emotional hangers continue, we await for some better behind-the-scenes and personnel celebrity interviews.

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