Bad news for WWE fans as Undertaker is out of SummerSlam

Bad news for WWE fans as Undertaker is out of SummerSlam

WWE SummerSlam is just around the corner and it might not be as expected for the fans of Undertaker. The Undertaker who was set to show up on this year’s SummerSlam is not in reckoning now as per recent reports.

David Meltzer the Wrestling Observer revealed that there’s very little possibility of The Dead man’s participation. This is especially hurting for The Dead Man’s fans who were expecting him at SummerSlam 2019 following his Extreme Rules fight.

Undertaker made a surprise entry at Extreme Rules

The Deadman came back from a long break to fight against Goldberg at WWE Super Showdown. The fight as many reckoned came a decade too late and ended in a catastrophe. Goldberg suffered a concussion very early in the match and it seemed like a struggle all through.

Bad news for Undertaker's fans as he might not feature on WWE SummerSlam

The Undertaker put in a commendable performance with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules. Image : Pinterest

Both the iconic wrestlers struggled to complete any of their moves. Undertaker wasn’t expected to be back in the ring as soon as the Extreme Rules PPV. Undertaker though teamed up with Roman Reigns to take on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre at the PPV. It was only fair to expect him in the SummerSlam probably against McIntyre.

Post Extreme Rules 2019 Match Discussion: Undertaker and Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre from SquaredCircle

Undertaker at SummerSlam 2019

Possible matches were rumored for the Undertaker until this point. Dave Meltzer’s comments though splashed water on the rumors.

“I know him, and Drew McIntyre was advertised for the show, but he’s not on the show. Put it this way; I need to find out more.

To me it makes no sense, why do you have Undertaker on Extreme Rules and not SummerSlam. You would put him on Extreme Rules to build for SummerSlam.

And again. things can change as we still got a month, but whatever it is, they have a line-up for the show, and he’s not on it.”

This is the Undertaker’s fans worst nightmare who sparingly see him in his twilight. The last matches of The Dead Man’s legend are carrying as much enthusiast as his prime. Summer Slam 2019 will take place on 12th August in Scotiabank Arena, Toronto.

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