Barq’s Frozen Root Beer & Ice Cream Floats in a Tube now available at stores near you

Barq’s Frozen Root Beer & Ice Cream Floats In A Tube

In today’s generation, people are lucky to see various inventions. Apple did it with a new smartphone. Mercedes did it too. And now, it is time for Barq’s to change the views of people on ice cream. No one can ignore summertime treats including ice creams. During the summer season, you can enjoy frozen root beer & ice cream floats at Barq’s.

What’s in the box?

Each box of Barq’s contains 24 squeeze up cups. Each tube contains 3 fluid ounces of creamy heaven. Plus, it is totally healthy for kids. There is nothing to be worried about any alcoholic content in the ice cream. It’s totally alcohol-free. So hurry now, and buy Barq’s ice cream now and get refreshed!

Barq’s Frozen Root Beer & Ice Cream Floats In A Tube

How is it made?

The cup contains two main ingredients, and that is root beer and ice cream. The vanilla ice cream is spiralled around the frozen root beer. You just have to push up on the bottom of the tube and see the magic. As you push up, the root beer float comes right to the top.

Barq’s Frozen Root Beer & Ice Cream Floats In A Tube

And do you know what the best part of this ice cream is? The flavour of the vanilla ice cream and root beer is equally balanced. We all know, nothing is saddening enough than finishing all the root beer. In the end, only vanilla ice cream is left at the bottom of the tube.

This ice cream is too good to be true. Now, you can purchase, this cup of happiness at your local grocery shop or from an ice cream parlour. Stock up your fridge with these ice cream and enjoy your summer with your family and friends.

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