Battlefield 6: Will The Game be Set in Vietnam War Era or Modern Day?

Battlefield 6 Vietnam War

The Battlefield series of games have been around for a really long time, having started in 2002. The games have covered various eras of warfare, starting from 1942 and then presenting some wars from the past and even from the future! Battlefield 6 will be the latest game in the series and there’s huge speculation that this will feature the Vietnam War (once again).

Battlefield 6 Date

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Battlefield 6 Details: Modern Military or Vietnam War?

We say once again because Battlefield has featured the Vietnam war once in the past. However, back when the Vietnam War edition of the game released, it was only an expansion pack to Battlefield Bad Company 2. However, this time around, when Battlefield 6 comes out, the entire game would be focused on the Vietnam war and everything from the graphics to the costumes to the weapons would be focused on that.

Battlefield 6

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However, this is still based on speculation. There’s a good chance that the game might go ahead and release a modern-day edition where the focus will be on newer elements of warfare, including new strategies, weapons and more! Interestingly, there were plans to release a Battlefield for mobile this year but it looks like the plans might have been canned.

Battlefield 6 Release Date and Gameplay Details

Battlefield 6 Release Date

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Starting right from 2002, there hasn’t been any year till 2018 when a version of the game has not been launched. If not for a completely new game, there would at least be one expansion pack that would come out year after year. 2019 is the first time in the history of the franchise that Battlefield has decided to take a break. The game is now expected to release in late-2020, around the same time PlayStation 5 releases.

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