Battlefield for Mobile Release Date Baffles Fans, Has the Project Been Canned?

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Battlefield for Mobile release date has been delayed yet again. For years, the date has been postponed and the trend continues! While major games such as Call of Duty have managed to do really well for themselves on mobile platform. However, battlefield for mobile continues to elude the fans!

Battlefield Mobile Release Date

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With delay afte delay, fans wonder if the game has been canned altogether! Fans are losing hope with every passing day.

Battlefield for Mobile Release Date: When Will it Come Out?

Both Battlefield and COD have been competing with each other for years now but Call of Duty seems to be winning this race with ease now as the game has found success in the mobile genre – having come out with a game enjoyed by millions of gamers! Battlefield for Mobile, on the other hand – continues to be a dream project.

Battlefield Mobile Android

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Battlefield’s large-sized battles could do really well in the mobile platform, especially when it comes to a multiplayer format where it has the potential of allowing more gamers than PUBG and Fortnite!

Has Battlefield for Mobile Been Cancelled?

Battlefield Mobile

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It appears that this project might have been cancelled by Electronic Arts as the company would rather focus on developing Apex Legends – which is their answer to PUBG and Fortnite! Hence, expect a huge delay in the new Battlefield for Mobile release date! Based on current information we hear that EA might give this one last shot in 2020 but failing to release the game next year would mean the end of the project altogether!

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