Battlefield Mobile Release Date News Frustrate Fans


Battlefield Mobile game is something fans of the series have been expecting for a long time. But there is no update from EA Games and no one knows whether there will be a mobile version of Battlefield or not. While Call of Duty finally jumped to the small screen market and released COD Mobile for Android and iOS devices, all the eyes are now waiting for EA to do the same and come up with Battlefield mobile.

But there is no development or fixed release date and the lack of news has angered and frustrated the fans. Here are the reasons why there are no updates on Battlefield mobile and why the gamers community want it soon.

Fans are not Happy with No Updates on Battlefield Mobile Release Date

Fans are not Happy with No Updates on Battlefield Mobile Release Date

Battlefield Mobile release date doesn’t exist at this point because there is no development on the project by EA Games mobile division. The last thing EA did was to come up with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for mobile devices and it is almost a decade there is no further update. There is a reason why Battlefield is one of the most popular war games as it contains actual historical events and the battles are far more intensive and realistic.

Battlefield is such a large scale game with a destructive environment, one doesn’t even feel they are playing a game and it kind of feels very realistic. It is the main reason why mobile gamers want Battlefield mobile and also why the developers are unable to create the project.

Battlefield Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

Battlefield Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

Mobile battle games today are mostly battle royale style and which is something PUBG started and everyone has adapted to it. Call of Duty adapting a battle royale mobile version was not hard given their game series takes place in a limited area and is more of a mission basis style.

Whereas Battlefield series has a huge map where every place is a war zone and players are dropped randomly, they can control every vehicle, helicopters, and weapons and is mostly first person shooter game. But with the success of Call of Duty mobile, EA might also push for Battlefield mobile and we may see it very soon.

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