Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Engagement Rumors: Couple is Ready to get Married by this Summer

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Engagement Rumors: Couple is Ready to get Married by this Summer
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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s engagement rumors have started to make headlines in the tabloids and gossip columns recently. Ever since the couple has reunited, there have been numerous stories about their future plans. As per the latest ‘In Touch’ magazine reports, J-Lo and Ben are engaged and they never stopped loving each other.

The source then mentions the recent development between Affleck and Lopez, how they went to Miami and are even having a romance in the gym. The insider source claims that the couple is ready to pick up where they left last time and Affleck has decided to pop up the question. The ring is bigger than the last time valued at $3.2 million and the couple is planning to get married by this Summer. Here is more on Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez engagement rumors and the possible truth behind the reports.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will get Married by this Summer

Ben Affleck is very happy with Jennifer Lopez and says that she is the one for him. The couple is already engaged as per the source and they hope to get married by the end of this summer. Ben and Jennifer have also shared the news with their kids and they will announce their engagement to the world soon and make their relationship official. The tabloid further adds that Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner is not very happy with the news but Ben won’t let anything hold him back this time.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Engagement Rumors and Real Truth

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez engagement rumors could be true but there is no solid evidence for it. It is true that Ben and J-Lo are moving very fast in their new romance, but they have a lot of other responsibilities too.

While it is possible that Affleck and Lopez will get married in the future, there is no proof that it is happening by this Summer. Also, there is no way Jennifer Garner will have any issues with Ben moving forward as they are always on good terms, even when he was dating Ana de Armas.

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