Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Reunion Rumors: Couple still have the Watch and Engagement Ring

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Reunion Rumors: Couple still have the Watch and Engagement Ring
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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s reunion rumors are making headlines ever since the ex-couple is spotted together. There are reports that Ben and Jennifer might be planning for a wedding soon as things are going much better for them. Affleck and Lopez recently flew to Miami together to spend time with each other.

There are new images in Page Six showing Ben and J-Lo together on the balcony of a private residence. But the most shocking thing is the Batman star still wearing the watch that Lopez gave him in 2002. Even the singer herself is wearing the engagement ring that Affleck gave him and it proves a point. Here is more on Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez reunion rumors and the possible truth behind the reports.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez still wears the Old Gifts

Jennifer Lopez has always cherished the diamond ring as per the sources close to her. It further adds that things will easily progress between Lopez and Affleck, and since she already got the ring, it would take no time for the next steps. Jennifer and Ben are surely a couple and they are back together. The source closes the statement saying that Ben has sent love letters to J-Lo through email and it is how the old couple is back together.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Reunion Rumors and Real Truth

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez reunion rumors are kind of true as the evidence suggests the same. The couple has been spotted in Montana and Los Angeles and there is no denying that they are spending time together. As for the wedding bells, fans still need to wait for some time before Affleck and Lopez make a public announcement as it is not much time since they broke up from their previous partners.

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