Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Wedding Rumors: Ben proposed to J-Lo for Marriage in Montana?

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Wedding Rumors: Ben proposed to J-Lo for Marriage in Montana?
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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding rumors have started to make headlines ever since the ex-couple reunited recently. Ben and Jennifer recently went on a trip in Montana and there are reports claiming that the Batman star has popped up the question. As per the ‘New Idea’ reports, Ben has a romantic proposal for J-Lo and the couple might take their relationship to the next level.

The source adds that Bennifer have resurfaced and Affleck has proposed Lopez in his private ski chalet. It claims that Ben doesn’t want to lose J-Lo now he got the second chance and he will prove his loyalty again. Here is more on Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez wedding rumors and the possible truth behind the reports of Ben proposing J-Lo for marriage in Montana.

Ben Affleck Proposed to Jennifer Lopez for Marriage in Montana?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got really close to each other in Montana and they utilized the snowfall for the romance. The source adds that they had romantic dates under the stars where Ben cooked streak dinner for Jennifer and they spend hours in a hot tub planning for the future. Affleck has realized that Lopez wants some stability and security, which is why he proposed to her for marriage and a wedding will be on the cards soon.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Wedding Rumors and Real Truth

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez wedding rumors are too far-fetched and fans should not believe in them at this moment. It is true that the ex-couple went on a vacation in Montana but that doesn’t mean they are planning to get married right away.

Further, there are contrary reports that J-Lo is too busy for romance at this moment and she won’t tolerate men cheating on her anymore. Fans should better wait for Affleck and Lopez to make any announcement and not believe in the gossips and rumors.

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